Lego Update: Days 12 thru 21

I haven’t had anytime to play with Legos over the last week. I plan to make a point of changing that now that Christmas is almost here! Here’s a quick catch-up of all the Lego Advent Calendar additions to date. Hopefully, I’ll be posting more updates this week.

Day 12 was more presents to add to our collection from last year.

A Lego Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a prisoner, so meet Day 13’s Cash Robar.

Day 14 (and 15 was it’s caboose, but for some reason I don’t have a photo of that) was a train!

Day 16 was a sheriff! Sheriff Phineas Balance supports Officer Carol’s methods of peaceful law enforcement through song, but also Officer Handcuffs use of force. He drives a police sled that arrived on Day 17.

Day 18 brought a friend for Caramel Frosting! Meet Vanilla Cupcake.

Soy McLatte got a friend on Day 19. Creme DeMocha came with her own snazzy pink smartphone, and matching fancy dessert beverage.

Day 20 was a snowman.

And today was a little campfire with giant marshmallows on sticks.


Here’s the current overhead shot.


Caramel Frosting is showing Vanilla Cupcake the finery points of dessert delivery.



There was no place to put the marshmallow sticks, and the ground seemed gross…so I stuck them in the tool bucket.


The pile of what I am currently working on…


C. Robar hiding behind the tree.


Seasons Greetings!


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