Miss Melody Weight Loss Update


It’s been three weeks since we started Miss Melody’s weight loss plan.

Almost every night (we’ve skipped a couple), we do a 15 minute Melody-focused playtime. So, I take out an interactive toy (Da Bird, laser pointer, feathers on a stick, etc…) and I play with all the cats, but I make sure that Melody is engaged.

After that, she practices her jump trick 4-6 times in a row. If she is feeling unmotivated to do the jumps, I take out her treats. I place the treat in my hand with my palm open up during the jump trick. Her normal trick involves jumping and tagging my hand with her paws. If she wants the treat, however, she needs to pull my hand down so that she can access it.

So far, our program has been effective. She has lost 1.2 pounds since we started.


Some nights she doesn’t want to play, and goes and hides in the tower. I try to coax her out, but occasionally I give her a break if she’s really not into it.


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