Mobile Game Recommendation: Neko Atsume


Neko Atsume has been around for awhile, but only became available in English a couple months ago.

It’s free and available on Android and iOS, I found my version on Google Play.

I enjoy (and often recommend on here) mobile games that are meant to be played for only a few minutes at a time, and while you are away things happen in the game. This is one of those games.

It’s a very simple game with not much going on. You own a yard. You fill the yard with goodies cats will like. The cats show up, enjoy the goodies, and leave fish for you. You spend those fish buying more goodies. If a cat stops by often and really likes your yard, he or she may leave you a special gift.


The cats all have names and personalities which are recorded in your Cat Album. You try to entice as many different cats as possible to come visit your yard.

So, yes, you could call this a feral cat collection game.

This is a game I play while I’m waiting for Jimmy to buy something at Autozone, feeding the cats (all the different food types means they need supervision) or when I want to delay getting out of bed for 5 minutes. You can play it for as little as a minute, but you can check in often.

Thus far, while there is an option to buy special gold fish, the game seems to drop enough gold fish so that I don’t feel held back by not spending money.




2 thoughts on “Mobile Game Recommendation: Neko Atsume

  1. I downloaded this game last month and I’m embarrassed to say that I was entirely too excited when I saw my first cat in the yard (and also when I received my first memento!). I too have not spent any money on it and I’m still enjoying it.


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