Countdown to Disney: 57 Weeks


It was necessary to cancel our trip planned for this January. Sad, but not unexpected and I made my peace with it months ago. I finished mourning and I’m excited to start planning our Disney 2017 trip!!! There’s always plenty to do and plan, so why not get a head start? Since Disney is my second most requested topic (behind cats, of course), I’m going to bring you all along on the ride again. This time starting from the very beginning. Please let me know if there is any Disney planning topic you’d like me to cover more in-depth during this process. I love sharing what I learn with you.

As I plan my trip, I hope to post weekly countdown posts that cover my planning and preparation step-by-step, along with the ways I attempt to bring the magic into my own home and keep the excitement alive!

Here is what to expect from the posts:

Activities for Week 57

This section will normally be the bulk of the post and tell you what I did that week, or what I plan to do. It may be about purchasing a new guidebook, reading an old one, setting up a countdown, cooking a Disney recipe, making reservations, etc… anything I did that week that was Disney related.

For Week 57, I came up with a master to-do list of all the things I should do before my next trip. It currently has 40 items, but I expect it to grow considerably. I won’t share the list in its entirety here, as it will likely change, re-order, etc…and I want to keep it flexible. I’ll share the upcoming to-do list items with you each week, however.

I also added a countdown widget to the blog (see right sidebar), came up with a format for these posts, and determined roughly when we’d be going next year (57 weeks is just an estimate, it is +/- 1 week).

Binder Updates


Here I’ll tell you about what I added (or removed) from my planning binder for the week).

I need to find a way (likely a sticker) to alter my binder to 2017. I’m thinking of making it obvious…like adding a red seven over the six…for emphasis…may as well embrace the change. I don’t think there is anything I need to take out of the binder just yet. Some things may need to be updated (like menus) but I should wait a bit longer before doing so.

Upcoming Master To-Do List

In this section, I will tell you a few of the upcoming things from that master to-do list I mentioned earlier, so you know what to expect in upcoming posts.

Here’s what’s next on my agenda: add a Disney-themed countdown clock to my phone or desktop, update the binder to 2017, create a list of Disney movies I want to watch before the trip and form a schedule, create a list of things I can add to the binder, and make a fun manual countdown clock in my home.

Movie List Update

Here is where I will update on the progress of my movie list, if any.

Resource of the Week

In this section, I’ll recommend a Disney resource that I’m currently making use of.

Virtual Visit

Every week, I plan to spend a little bit of time check out some places on WDW Virtual Visit. I’ll talk about that a bit in this section.

I started this week by taking the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. Please stand clear of the doors! I’ve never wanted to stay at the Contemporary…too ugly outside. People love it, though. Anyway, I then entered the Magic Kingdom and went to the Emporium. Love this website. 🙂

If you are planning a trip, love staying in the contemporary, or joined me this week on my tour at Virtual Visit, let me know in the comments below!



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