Lego Winter Village Update:9, 10, 11


I was really out of it this weekend…the pain medication had a delayed effect and hit me hard (mainly with a desire to sleep), and then took awhile to get out of my system. So, I didn’t even *open* my advent calendar this weekend. Pardon the messy posts while we catch-up!


Day 9 was interesting….mind you, I’m really enjoying this calendar so far. Every day has had something to build and been a decent amount of pieces, even if it’s just been a counter.


And day 9 brought this Christmas chair. Or throne? It’s a throne.


Santa’s throne, of course, where else would he rule Christmas town from?


Day 10 was nice.


Another tree! It’s different from my other Christmas trees.


Apparently, I didn’t manage to take a photo of the pieces on 11…well, there’s one more photo in this set that I think may be for this day, but it’s all black (?). Don’t know what happened there!


Day 11 was a clock!




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