Recent Disney News

Painted Dogs at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!


There’s a new species on the savanna at Disney’s Animal Kingdom- Painted Dogs! Read more about them at the Disney Parks Blog.

There’s also a new store called The Riverside Depot with a river animals theme. Along with a new snack dining location in Asia.


The Star Wars Launch Bay is now open and has special exhibits dedicated to all parts of the saga, as well as previews for the new movie and a theater that shows a film celebrating the saga. This is in addition to the sprinkling of other Star Wars things in DHS such as specialty food items, new merch locations, character greets, and photo opportunities. I’m excited that DHS is becoming a more interesting place to visit!

Not much news about the Skipper’s Cantina (the Jungle Cruised themed restaurant in Magic Kingdom), but it is supposed to be opening soon (mid-December). Supposedly, it will have table-service for lunch and dinner and the waiters will interact with the patrons similar to 50’s Prime Time Cafe (they stay in character, throw some corny theme-appropriate jokes at you, etc…). I’m SO looking forward to this!


One thought on “Recent Disney News

  1. Those dogs are beautiful! They’re like calicos! I couldn’t find the blog story you mentioned, though.

    That’s neat that new stores are opening up at DHS. There was so much construction and stuff closed off, but not in the area this opened lol. I find it a bummer though if they close attractions just to show movie previews. We missed the “Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream” because they had a preview instead =P

    I’m very excited at the idea of the Jungle Cruise restaurant! Any idea where in the park it will be located?


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