Countdown to Cancellation

The time is fast-approaching…it was soon enough that I had to do that math, and review the policy on cancellation just to be sure.

My Disney Trip will need to be cancelled on December 18th.

Actually, a little bit after that, but I added a couple days worth of buffer to be safe (since I’ll need to call them). I would be calling this week if it weren’t for Disney’s policy change this year that lets you cancel 31 days out instead of 45.

I’ve accepted our fate, and was ready to cancel a couple weeks ago. Jimmy hasn’t let go yet, and wants me to hold off until right beforehand.

I’m ready to start a new countdown… 414 days! (approx)

Even if we are able to afford a better hotel by then, we’ve already decided to stick with the same value hotel (Pop Century). We’d rather spend more money on food and souvenirs! 😀



One thought on “Countdown to Cancellation

  1. Aw, buddy, I’m sorry! I know it’s a bummer now, but I hope it makes your next trip that much sweeter.

    Let me know if you ever decide to stay off property. We stayed at a hotel we really loved this last time. And it was $41/night! Even taking into account an extra $20/day for parking it was still a steal since we already had a car.


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