Harree Update- Early December


Just wanted to give a quick update on Harree for all of you who have expressed your concern and shared your well wishes. 🙂

Harree is doing very well, all things considered. The new management plan of subcutaneous fluids twice daily plus additional aluminum hydroxide has drastically reduced his more obvious symptoms.

His excessive drooling and stinky breath has completely disappeared. It took about a week to fully kick in, but now that those symptoms are gone, his appetite has returned. In turn, his increased caloric intake seems to have made him feel much better and given him more energy.

For the most intense part of this recent rough patch, he wasn’t as affectionate and spent most of the day sleeping in a chair on his own. Now, he is back to being by my side every single moment of the day (until his daddy gets home,and then he splits his time between us), purring and occasionally showering me with kisses. As I type this, he is tucked between my arms. Recently, I’ve seen him sharing a bed with Melody and with Miles.

I know the time is nearing when we will run out of helpful adjustments to his treatment, but I’m so glad to report that we have NOT reached that point.


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