Miss Melody Weight Loss Plan


Miss Melody has a problem (and also a really cute way of laying). She used to be our smallest cat, and now she is the second largest.

Cat obesity is the leading cause of health problems in cats, so we need to take action. She is already on a prescription diet for her weight, but it has had little impact.

Unfortunately, attention to her care has taken a backseat during Harree’s kidney issues. It’s difficult to get one cat to lose weight when you are desperately trying to get another one to eat anything at all. She gets stolen food here and there when I give extra feedings to Harree.

We’ve started weighing her weekly. And I’m going to try to implement a daily exercise routine.

I’ll update on our progress as we continue this process, and possibly share some strategies and tips I learn about cat weight loss.


3 thoughts on “Miss Melody Weight Loss Plan

  1. We’ve been working on getting our Wolfie’s weight down for the past few months. It’s been a struggle, and he sure hasn’t liked it sometimes, but totally worth it as he’s gotten a lot more agile and playful as the pounds come off. Good luck with Miss Melody! 🙂


  2. We have a big kitty too. She is OCD when it comes to food in a bowl. So we have to measure out her food and pick up our other cat’s bowl as soon as he walks away. She’s down to 19 from 24. It’s been over a year, but apparently cats shouldn’t lose weight too fast. Good luck and let us know how it goes!


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