Disney: WDW Virtual Visit

If you haven’t been to Disney, and you are wondering what it is all about or think it is anything like a standard theme park, you should checkout the website WDW Virtual Visit.

Likewise, if you love Disney and are missing it, or getting pumped for your next trip, you’ll love this site.

WDW Virtual Visit has video footage of attractions and the walks in between! You use a map to navigate the park, it is a lot of fun.

First click the “map room“* and use the map to choose a park. Choose a starting point (I suggest the entrance!) and watch the video on the page that follows. You can then choose another attraction to walk to below the video. I love the walking videos just as much as the ride videos.

*If you use any of the links above, you will already be in the map room. So just choose a park!


One thought on “Disney: WDW Virtual Visit

  1. Oh, that is so fun! I think the walking between attractions is my favorite part! Gotta admit, watching the entrance to Epcot from the International Gateway made me tear up a bit =)


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