Lists: Nerding Out About…November 2015

Here’s what I am…

…listening to…

  • No Sleep Podcast– A podcast of well-produced, voice-acted short horror fiction stories. I’m not a huge fan of horror (actually, I pretty much ignore the genre altogether usually), but these tales are more creepy and mysterious than gruesome. I really like it, definitely a new favorite.
  • Gimlet Media- I adore Gimlet and listen to any podcasts Gimlet creates. My favorite is Mystery Show followed closely by Reply All and Startup.  Surprisingly Awesome is just okay, so far. I’m anxiously awaiting the second season of Mystery Show as well as new podcasts that are on the horizon.
  • The Truth Podcast– Described as “movies for your ears”. The Truth is another well-produced, voice-acted fiction podcast. The Truth stories are compelling and all very different from each other. You never know exactly where the story is going.


  • Right now, I’m all about the Sims 4! I’m playing two separate challenges both with reader-inspired/created characters. I have a Bachelor challenge, and my Community Town challenge.
  • I also recently completed the Vanishing of Ethan Carter, which I plan to do a short review of some point soon.



  • Supernatural (season 9)
  • Person of Interest (season 1)
  • Death in Paradise (season 1)

…obsessing over..

  • Disney pins!
  • My Lego Christmas village

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