Lists: What’s On My Work Table

My work table at my house is in my living room, and is where I keep my laptop as well as other things that I’m currently using. It shows nicely what I’m focusing my spare time on.

What’s on my work table today:

  • My penpal folder- need to catch up on responding to my penpal letters. If you want to give penpalling a shot, you should go to IGGPPC.
  • My Sims 4 Index Card Box
  • A stack of BoomBoom cards
  • Harry Potter Cookbook– planning on pulling a few recipes out of this
  • My embroidery floss box
  • Beads! Lots of beads. I’m working on some projects for my mom’s shop.
  • My recent NatureBox. I had paused Naturebox for awhiel during the move, but I restarted it partly due to the lack of variety at our new grocery store.
  • A cat (variable)- sometimes there is a cat on my table…most often Fred or Harree, but sometimes Lefty or Miss Melody.

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