Disney Trip Planning: Magic Kingdom Day 3

In addition to more cat posts, the recent poll also showed that my readers are very interested in hearing more about Walt Disney World trip planning! Well, I can certainly help with that. Cats and Disney, my readers are awesome people.

Update on Trip Possibility: Our house still has not sold, and I still don’t have a job down here in Virginia. Sadly, this means our net income is in the red, and we are munching into our savings. Unless something changes soon, a Disney trip will be out of the question. Cross your fingers for some pixie dust! Of course, ever the optimist, as soon as I cancel this one, I’ll begin planning the next one. 🙂

If you aren’t familiar with the touringplans.com software, you should checkout my more detailed blog post first on my first day in Animal Kingdom. In that post I explain what I am doing step-by-step. This post will assume you’ve read that one, or are already familiar with the software. Of course, if you aren’t planning on using the software for an upcoming trip, you can ignore the crunchy bits and just check out what attractions we plan on doing and where we plan on eating.

Today I will be planning a day at the Magic Kingdom…here’s what you need to know:

  • This will be our THIRD day at MK, and the last day of our trip. Consequently, we’ve likely already ridden everything we want to ride and today will be a day to repeat favorites, or catch-up on things we missed.
  • This plan is for two healthy adults with no kids…Your party may need to go slower or do less than us.
  • This is for an anticipated crowd level of “1”. Yes…Disney will be as uncrowded as possible on this day- a very rare event. Despite this, a touring plan is still important!!! It’s not critical like it would be with higher crowd levels, but over the past few months, we’ve seen an upsurge in Disney crowds and wait times. This increase may be a permanent thing. Additionally, there is always variation in crowd levels, so we may experience a weird spike in crowds. A touring plan will ensure we get to go on a bunch of attractions with minimal wait times.


I chose the Magic Kingdom to do for our final day (and for three days instead of two) for four reasons: 1) I really want to see MK on a “crowd level 1” day, 2) it became my favorite park last year (Epcot has lost a bit of its Magic for me), 3) last year we spent the extra day at Epcot, and 4) I plan on checking out a few additional attractions at MK (Mine Train, Enchanted Tales with Belle). As a bonus, this gives me more days to use to try to get a ADR for the Skipper’s Cantina whenever those become available.


I’ve entered the basic info into touringplans.com. Now, to choose our rides!

I’ve selected some favorites to repeat: Pirates, Peter Pan, Jungle Cruise, Small World, Splash, Under the Sea, Monsters Inc, Haunted Mansion, Carousel of Progress, WDW Railroad, and the People Mover.  I’m also adding some things in that we didn’t get time for on our first MK day: riding a Main Street vehicle, checking out Sonny Eclipse, and riding Dumbo (I need to see the queue!). I also added the Main Street Electrical Parade, in case we missed it beforehand, as well as the Welcome show, and the Dream Along with Mickey show.

Our first step for this touring plan should be done the night before- review the plan, and decide if we want to add or remove any rides. You never know when you are going to miss a ride due to it being down when you planned on visiting it, or perhaps you fall behind on a touring plan (because you get distracted by a  short character meet n’ greet line), and have to skip a ride to get back on track. If we really enjoyed Seven Dwarves Mine Train, we might add another round of that in, instead of Big Thunder. Or, perhaps the weather will be too cool for Splash and we’ll want to remove from our list. Either way, this touring plan is meant to be fiddled with.


Alright, so our touring plan starts off with the welcome show…and I’ll probably cry during it, LOL.


I’m not sure why the line for Pirates is predicted to be our largest line of the day…especially when we are riding it first. Is it because it breaks down often? I’m not sure. Anyway, we take a quick peek into Adventureland with Pirates and Jungle Cruise, and then it’s off to Frontierland for BTMRR and Splash. Next, we’ll check out my Grim Grinning Ghosts at the Haunted Mansion. We’ll take short break near the Tangled restrooms before venturing off to Fantasyland.


After our break, we’ll revisit Small World and Peter Pan. We’ll then try to get a ride on a Main Street Vehicle, to get some good pictures of the castle, before having lunch at the Plaza Restaurant.


After the Plaza, we’ll head into Tomorrowland to revisit some attractions like the Carousel of Progress, Monsters and the PeopleMover. We *might* ride Stitch…a big maybe. And we’ll go visit Sonny Eclipse- the animatronic lounge singer during an afternoon break.


After our break, we’ll head back into Fantasyland for The Little Mermaid, a train ride, and to go on Dumbo (the new queue!) If we feel like it, we can see some parades in the afternoon/evening. We’ll grab lunch around 5pm at whatever quick service is nearby. We’ll decide on additional attractions based on ride times, and how early we plan to head back to our hotel.

And that’s it! You’ve now seen all 8 days of my vacation in January. Fingers crossed it really happens!




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