New Menu Bar!!!!

I’ve started to make some improvements to the website.


The menu bar at the top of the page has changed! Now, instead of taking you to static info pages that I’d frequently forget to update, they take you to the latest posts for that topic. So, if you’ve been gone awhile and need to catch up, are only interested in certain topics, or want to find an old post to reference…it’s a bit easier. A few of the buttons have a drop-down menu for even more specificity (misc. nerdoms has a bunch!).

The exact topics up there are likely to change at some point in the future based on how popular certain tags are.

But where did that cat profiles go? They are still there! The important static pages (cat photos and cat profiles) are still there, just under the drop-down menu for cats. My DZP list can be found under the challenges heading!

THANK YOU! I’m so pleased with the amount of feedback I’ve gotten so far in my poll about posts you’d like to see more of. It has been very insightful. I’m going to continue to check the results, so please keep voting! There are some definite clear trends I see (cats and Disney).

If you’d like to help me improve my website…Remember, if you’d like to help me improve my website, I’m on Patreon. You can contribute as little as $1 a month to help improve the site. My goals include upgrading the site to a paid version of wordpress, posting cat videos, getting some new graphics for the blog, etc..

What do you think of the new menu bar?


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