Commander Comet Breaks Out

Commander Comet and his team were plummeted into darkness. The stillness of the dark void lasted eons and was occasionally interrupted by major earthquakes. They were suck inside an enclosed vessel within another vessel.

Through occasional glimmers of light peeking in from slits in the exterior vessel, Commander Comet determined their interior vessel was surrounded by the large, fluffy bug-like monsters that once dwelled near their campsite. Whatever had captured them, had also taken the monsters. He was able to surmise that the monsters must have been cushioning them during the earthquake, and the reason they didn’t suffer damage.

It was time to act though. The vessel had been quiet for days. The earthquakes had stopped. He felt like perhaps their vessel had “landed”, at least temporarily. The commander used his gun to break through the interior vessel.

He crawled out of safety, keeping his fingers crossed that those monsters weren’t hungry. And, also, that they didn’t mind being climbed upon, as that was what he was about to do.


Commander Comet surveyed the landscape. It appeared relatively safe, so he called up his team.


Commander Comet wrangled one of the bug monsters- a particularly lanky one, and made him serve as a rope.



Commander Comet, Unicorn Girl, Pizza Boy, and Skeleton guy made a break for it.


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