Tummy Rub Tuesday 11/3

Tummy Rub Tuesdays are inspired by the blog Katzenworld– a well-done kitty blog…you should go check them out!

Here’s a kitty asking for a tummy rub…


Okay, she may not look very happy about it, but that’s because Harree and I disturbed her & Mama Meredith’s nap in the sun when we poked our noses in the cat room.


The sun is coming in from the left hand side of the photo. Mama Meredith is in the left most sunspot, Miss Melody in the right. Mother like daughter! It was too cute to not interrupt for a photo! And of course, Mr. Harold had to help me (since I’ve been back in Virginia, he hasn’t left my side!).

I plan on doing a post about the cat room soon, now that it is getting order.


3 thoughts on “Tummy Rub Tuesday 11/3

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