PC Game Recommendation: The Promised Land


The Promised Land is a casual simulation game available on Steam for only $6.99.

I think this game is definitely worth the cost given the low price. It’s short, easy and sometimes a bit slow-paced, but it’s good for several hours of entertainment.


You are in charge of a colony of settlers who need to develop a new world. You need to help them find food and shelter, and eventually develop into a thriving island of industry. They have some very basic needs (hunger and socialization) that need to be met in order for them to work. You micro-manage the individual colonists who have preferences for what sorts of jobs they like. You gather resources, explore and develop ways to turn your resources into trade-able goods. You send your resources back to the Kingdom, and get gold, additional settlers and specialized items in exchange.


The mechanics are simple, but the game has held my attention for quite awhile. I would recommend this game.


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