Dragon Age Origins: Part 7

Caution: Spoilers Ahead! Since DAO was released in 2009, if you wanted to play , you likely already have. However, I will be doing a play by play of the game, so if you haven’t played and want to, and care about spoilers, skip this post.

As you know, I fell behind in blog posting due to some computer issues. We are still in the process of catching up. I had to do a factory reset on my laptop recently, and while I managed to save all the photos, the descriptions for screenshots captured by the game were lost. Sadly, my memory is a bit hazy on the next part…so we’ll see how this goes.

To refresh your memory, I’m playing Aedan, a warrior of noble blood who had his family slaughtered and was recruited by the Grey Wardens to help fight the Darkspawn. After being recruited, most of the Grey Wardens (including our leader) was slaughtered on the battlefield, along with the King, thanks to a douche teryn (sort of like a lord) named Loghain. We are simultaneously trying to help restore order in the absence of a King (the throne is disputed), recruit powerful groups to assist us (mages, Dwarves, Elves) in fighting The Blight (aka Darkspawn uprising), and help everyone who needs it because I’m a good character and that’s just what we do.

In the last post, we solved a werewolf problem for the elves (and an elf problem for the werewolves), and all was right with the world.


Arl Eamon of Redcliffe Castle was a man with a lot of problems. As you may recall from earlier, a demon possessed his son and took over the castle. We had to go into the fade to save the boy. On a related note, Loghain hired a mage to poison Arl Eamon, and the only way for us to save him was by finding the Urn of Sacred Ashes. In order to do this, we had to venture to this really creepy village in the mountains called Haven.



The people of the village of Haven were not only creepy, but also very rude and xenophobic.


As it turns out, they were a cult. They attacked us, and well, honestly we ended up pretty much massacring the village. We only wanted to talk, I swear!


They worshiped Andraste, like the rest of us, but they believed she had returned to the world in the corporeal form of a dragon. Their ways and methods are violent and hostile. And instead of having the standard chantry with many priests (all women), they had a single “revered father”. He acted not only as the sole religious leader, but also as the law.


They had locked up a very ill and injured Brother Genitivi.


Genitivi explained to us where he thought we had to go to get the Urn, and how to get there.


We then hiked up the Frostback Mountains and to the snow and ice covered temple.


We had to pass through a series of challenges to get to the urn. We had to make it through a temple with cultists and dragons before finally gaining access to the mountain top where the urn was kept.


The leader of the Cult tried to bargain with us- he wanted us to defile the ashes, essentially (he had some weird logic, I try not to make sense of cult leaders). I didn’t take his offer, and we battled.


We had to run through an ancient gauntlet of challenges to prove our worth. It was all very Indian Jones.


It involved riddles from ghosts, a battle with ourselves, an invisible bridge puzzle, and a test of faith (walking through a wall of fire).


Eventually, we were able to obtain the urn.


And we saved Arl Eamon. (yay!)

Screenshot20150829153443545 Screenshot20150823173728548

Here are a few shots from the campsite, where I continued to befriend my party, learn of their pasts, and here stories about what they know. Good times.


We also had a super challenging battle with Morrigan’s mother, who is actually not her mother, but the witch-of-the-wilds who can change herself into a dragon. She planned to take over Morrigan’s body when her own was too old and weak. We killed her, and took her spellbook for Morrigan (who seems eternally grateful).


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