Day Zero Project: TV, Movies, Podcasts

If you are unfamiliar with DZP, you should go here  for a brief explanation, and then check out my current list here. (mind you, it’s a bit out of date…I’ll be updating it as I do these posts). My 101 tasks are broken down into 10 different categories. I’ll post an update on each of these categories…evaluating my progress, making changes if needed, and deciding where to go next.

TV, Movies, Podcasts

  1. Have 7 friends suggest 3 movies each and watch them
  2. Watch 3 comedy specials I haven’t seen
  3. Watch 3 nominees for best picture for each of the past seven years
  4. Have 10 friends suggest 1 TV series each and watch at least one season
  5. Have 3 binge-watching days
  6. Catch-up on Nerdette assignments
  7. Rate 20 podcasts
  8. Purchase Logo Gear from 5 podcasts
  9. Listen to all of We’re Alive
  10. Open

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