Disney Trip Planning: Epcot Day 2

Disney continues to remain an optimistic dream this year, but I’m not giving up yet.

While the last day I planned (Magic Kingdom Day 2) was my favorite day to plan, this day is my second favorite! Our second trip to Epcot, will have my favorite pavilions in Future World.

If you aren’t familiar with the touringplans.com software, you should checkout my more detailed blog post first on my first day in Animal Kingdom. In that post I explain what I am doing step-by-step. This post will assume you’ve read that one, or are already familiar with the software. Of course, if you aren’t planning on using the software for an upcoming trip, you can ignore the crunchy bits and just check out what attractions we plan on doing and where we plan on eating.


Epcot Day 2

The Map

My first step in designing any touring plan is to pull up the official Disney zoomable map. It’s my favorite map of Disney:


I find it a lot easier to organize my planning thoughts if I have a map handy. This map labels dining, attractions and restrooms, which is very handy for planning breaks.

Choosing My Attractions

The next step, for me, is to head to my dashboard on touringplans.com, and begin to select my attractions.


In Future World, we take on The Land Pavilion (Soarin’, Living with the Land, maybe the Circle of Life), The Seas (Nemo, the tank exhibits, Turtle Talk), and Imagination (Captain EO and Figment). Of course we’ll also visit Spaceship Earth again. In the World Showcase, I am once again choosing 3 distinct areas. We’ll do Japan since we are eating lunch there, France since we glossed over it last time, and Canada since it was raining and dark when we were there last year.

I entered in our ADR for Toyko Dining along with a dinner stop at the quick service in France for a sandwich and some delicious dessert.

After optimizing several times, I had the best plan that touringplans could generate. I moved a few things around, added some notes, and a break…and here’s the result

The Land


The only attraction that should have a long line on this day is Soarin’, so that’ll be stop number one! After Soarin’, we’ll continue exploring the Land Pavilion with Living with the Land and The Circle of Life movie (maybe…or maybe Living with the Land twice).


The Seas

After having a wonderful time in The Land, we’ll head over to The Seas. On our way their, we’ll find  a bench and enjoy a quick snack while people watching. At the Seas, we’ll ride Nemo and checkout the tank exhibits. I had to add in the tanks twice because the designated 15 minutes is not long enough to check out everything. I could spend 15 minutes staring at the manatees or this adorable cuttlefish…


They should consider renaming it to “cuddlefish” because look at how cute he is!!!



After exploring The Seas, it is time to relax with some lunch at Toyko Dining in Japan. Then we will take some time to explore the Japan Pavilion.


And see the Japan entertainment. After Japan, it’s back to Future World for a bit.

The Seas  (part 2)

We’ll head back over to the Seas for another round on Nemo, and to watch Turtle Talk with Crush…we missed it last time, but it is highly recommended, even for adults with no kids!

Then, we’ll head next door to the Imagination Pavilion.



We’ll ride Figment, and see whatever is currently being shown in the Captain EO theater…it could be Captain EO, or it could be a preview for an upcoming film.



After the Imagination Pavilion, we’ll go to France to watch the movie, explore, and eat a delicious sandwich at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie, and of course get some dessert to go.



Next, we’ll explore Canada and try to catch the lumberjack show. I may also go into Le Cellier and ask if I could get a cheese plate to go. I’ve heard that if they aren’t too busy, they’ll do it for you if you ask nicely.


Rest of the Night

After Canada, we’ll check out Club Cool and ride Spaceship Earth again. After that, we’ll discuss our plans for the remainder of the evening…Illuminations? One more ride on Nemo? Back to the hotel?


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