GMing: RPG Settings- Alicaster Harbor

This is a fictional setting intended for use with roleplaying games. My players- this is an entirely different setting, so no spoilers here. Fellow gamemasters, please feel free to use these places in your game. All I ask is if you use it, leave me some feedback to let me know, and if you happen to have a campaign site or blog, that you link here if you reference it. Alicaster Harbor will be a series on its own, and this is post one. However, if you check out my GMing tag, you’ll find store inventories available for use, such as the Gnome Trader and The Book & Flute.

Elt stared hard at the grayish blue water.

I think it’s moving. Yep, definitely moving. Well, maybe not. It looks pretty big. Greenish? A bit? Hard to tell. Maybe I should warn the town. No, that’s silly. It’s not a sea dragon, it’s just some driftwood, to be sure. Hmm…could it be a shipwreck? Maybe I could take the boat out later to investigate.

“Aye, boy. These browntails aren’t going to unload themselves,” yelled a man from the harbor’s beach.

“Yeah, dad. Alright,” Elt yelled back as he begun to climb down the rock.

I need to go into business for myself. Not fishing though. I wonder how much it’d take to get my own boat and start up a trading operation.

Elt scrambled down the rocks, on to the beach and headed towards the docks. The beach was quiet. Another fishing vessel was unloading its catch, while another was preparing to leave. A small ship carrying trade goods from up north had just docked. A scavenger was combing the beach looking for any forgotten items.

“You think I can, maybe, take the boat out later,” Elt asked while grabbing a crate from his father.

“Whafor? You goin’ chasing after monsters, again?”

Elt didn’t reply.


The Harbor of Alicaster Harbor


High rocky cliffs form a flat “U” shape with the middle dipping down towards the ocean to form a beach. A long system of docks, accessible from the beach, is attached to and follows the shape of the cliff side. The sky, water and cliffs are all just different shades of blue-gray. The water is fairly calm, and is quite deep. The harbor is a primary source of food and economic gain for the village of Alicaster Harbor.


fishermen, guards, sailors, merchants, children, beggars, beachcombers/scavengers

Items to be Found

Players can search the beach and find some of the following (1 roll per 20 minute search).

d100 roll

01-19 Coins (a handful of copper, a few silver)
20-34 Pretty shells (trade goods/gifts)
35-44 Crabs (living; survival check to catch & cook)
45-54 Nice rocks (trade goods/gifts)
55-64 Trash
65-74 Old, but useable, fishing gear
75-79 A shoe
80-84 A stray dog (do they keep it? find an owner?)
85-93 A backpack with a few basic adventuring items (healer’s kit, rope, tindertwigs)
94-96 A randomly generated low-level magic item
97-99 A knife with initials
00 A sealed chest (contains a treasure map)

Things to Do

beachcombing (see above), gathering rumors/information from guards and fishermen, purchasing items off trade and fishing vessels, fishing (survival or fishing skill) from the rocks, hiring a vessel, accessing coastal caves

Fishing- Players can use the survival skill or a fishing skill, with appropriate equipment, to catch fish. Use survival rules to determine quantity (fish species: browntail, everwhite, coastal micken)

Things to Buy

  • Fish (fish species: browntail, everwhite, coastal micken, elephant crab, rock shrimp); prices range from 2cp to 6cp
  • Trade Ships:
    • Cotton 6gp per sq. yard
    • Linen 2gp per sq. yard
    • Silk 12gp per sq. yard
    • Wool 4gp per sq. yard
    • Clothing ranging from 1gp to 10gp (per complete outfit
    • Scarves and Hats 1sp to 5sp
    • Vanilla 5gp per lb
    • Herbs 5sp per lb
    • Paper 5cp per sheet
    • Ink 5sp per vial
    • Inkpen 5sp
    • Mountain Wine 5gp per bottle
    • Elton’s Rue (fine wine; 11gp per bottle)
    • Notcach (northern confection)
    • Ergard’s Pickles (famous pickles from the south)
    • Inexpensive jewelry (5sp to 1gp)
    • Moon Ale (3gp per 8lbs barrel)
    • Mekfart’s Cheese (1gp per wheel)

Plot Hooks

  • Items are going missing from boats (local thief; caverns containing aquatic folk)
  • Boats are going missing (sea monster)
  • Searching for survivors of shipwreck (nearby island; along the coast; witnesses to shipwreck appear in harbor, or family member of a villager is missing)
  • Protect trade vessel from pirates

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