Day Zero Project: Video Game Category Update

If you are unfamiliar with DZP, you should go here  for a brief explanation, and then check out my current list here. (mind you, it’s a bit out of date…I’ll be updating it as I do these posts). My 101 tasks are broken down into 10 different categories. I’ll post an update on each of these categories…evaluating my progress, making changes if needed, and deciding where to go next.

Category Three: Video Games

  1. Play all video games in my Steam list for at least 5 hours (or until completion in the case of short games).
  2. Have seven friends suggest three games each and play them.
  3. Complete 30% of my games on Steam.
  4. Make a video game challenge with different genres of games (like a book challenge where you read books from genres you don’t normally read).
  5. Play Dwarf Fortress
  6. Finish a Console Game
  7. Earn every achievement in the Sims 4.
  8. Play or delete all games on tablet.
  9. Watch 3 “Let’s Play Videos” (33% done).
  10. Finish all of Dragon Age (new!)

A few items on here I’ve made progress on, but I wasn’t working on them specifically for the list, so I need to update my spreadsheet with some numbers. I can definitely make some progress in this category without spending a dime, so I’ll be coming back to the list soon.


5 thoughts on “Day Zero Project: Video Game Category Update

  1. You are super duper close to finishing Portal on the Xbox. I know you didn’t enjoy it much, but that’s an option if you don’t find anything else you like on a console. I bet you’ll find another game you like better, though =)


    • Yeah, I’m not sure I *can* complete Portal. It might not be in my skillset, lol. I’m thinking it’ll probably be one of the Harvest Moon games. I could easily do another point n’ click or CSI game, but since those act more like PC games, I’m not sure they should count. 😉


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