Dragon Age Origins: Part 6

Caution: Spoilers Ahead! Since DAO was released in 2009, if you wanted to play , you likely already have. However, I will be doing a play by play of the game, so if you haven’t played and want to, and care about spoilers, skip this post.

In our last post, we had caught up to where I was in the game. Sadly, we are falling behind again due to me playing a whole bunch right before having some computer trouble. 😉

To refresh your memory, I’m playing Aedan, a warrior of noble blood who had his family slaughtered and was recruited by the Grey Wardens to help fight the Darkspawn. After being recruited, most of the Grey Wardens (including our leader) was slaughtered on the battlefield, along with the King, thanks to a douche teryn (sort of like a lord) named Loghain. We are simultaneously trying to help restore order in the absence of a King (the throne is disputed), recruit powerful groups to assist us (mages, Dwarves, Elves) in fighting The Blight (aka Darkspawn uprising), and help everyone who needs it because I’m a good character and that’s just what we do.

When we last left off we were trying to help the Elves with their Werewolf problem, so they didn’t have an excuse not to help us. We ventured off into a creepy forest, got attacked by lots of trees and bears, and are trying to find the werewolf lair.


We found the werewolf lair, and were given a warning to not proceed. We ignored the warning, obviously.

Screenshot20150820213935803  Screenshot20150822152003943

We fought our way through ruins full of the undead, spiders and other nasties until we found the werewolves lair.

Screenshot20150822165758623 Screenshot20150822165843881  Screenshot20150822165922626

There we encountered by a werewolf sent by their leader, the Lady to parlay. We readily agreed to parlay since I always prefer the diplomatic approach if possible.

Aedan_246 Screenshot20150822165958025

The Lady explained to us that the werewolves were actually humans who had been cursed by Zathrian (the clan leader of the Dalish elves who sent us on this mission). He cursed them many (human) generations ago after a brutal attack on his family by a group of human settlersScreenshot20150822170128034

. We agreed that if this was true, it would be more beneficial to break the curse. But we had to convince Zathrian.


We found him just outside the ruins, I think he was checking up on us.


We convinced him to talk to the Lady, though he was very hesitant. I sympathized with him somewhat, but he is also kind of a jerk.

Screenshot20150822171155293 Screenshot20150822172727974

There was a lot of negotiation, and I wasn’t sure we’d come to a peaceful resolution, but alas we did. Both the lady and Zathrian had to give their lives to break the curse.


The transformed werewolves were thankful, and ran off to join a human settlement.


The new Keeper was grateful for our part in breaking the curse, and pledge that we’d have the assistance of the Dalish elves whenever it was time to fight.


We finished up some things in the forest such as fetching a specific kind of bark for the elves, and returning the missing acorn to the tree.


We returned to where the rest of our party had made camp. I traded with the vendors that follow us and had some runework done on our weaponry.


Alistar and I had a conversation about why he didn’t trust me with the knowledge of his lineage (bastard son of the king) sooner.


I learned more about Leliana’s past.




Next time, back to Denerim.


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