Disney Trip Planning: Animal Kingdom Day 2

I have mixed feelings about continuing to plan for our Disney trip. It’s becoming increasingly less likely we will go, as our house has still not sold, so planning does bring about feelings of sadness that this trip probably will need to be canceled. However, I still have hope and there’s still a couple of months before I need to cancel. I’ve never seen my husband as relaxed as he was on our trip, and it was only then I realized the importance of actual vacations. I vowed after we left to try to take one each year. Life is too short not to have fun! If I have to cancel this one, I’ll just begin planning the next one!

If you aren’t familiar with the touringplans.com software, you should checkout my more detailed blog post first on my first day in Animal Kingdom. In that post I explain what I am doing step-by-step. This post will assume you’ve read that one, or are already familiar with the software. Of course, if you aren’t planning on using the software, you can just check out what we plan on doing.


Some important bits of info:

  • This is for a low to mid-level crowd day (4 of 10) in January when park hours are shorter and the weather is cooler
  • I plan on being at the Animal Kingdom for two full days
  • I’ve been before and don’t plan on experiencing everything
  • This plan is for two adults with no kids (kids require more stops, character meet and greets, etc…)
  • This plan is for a moderate walking speed, and a balance of walking and waiting

Okay, to be honest, I’ve deleted and restarted this plan three different times.

As you may recall from the previous AK planning post, for this day we plan to checkout Asia, Dinoland and Rafiki’s Planet Watch.


Part of the issue has been Rafiki’s Planet Watch. I want to be at RPW early because that is when procedures are most likely to happen. Procedures happen between 9:30am and 11:30am, with some starting earlier than that (but it doesn’t open until 9am). I’ve heard many different things people have seen here…a gorilla checkup, a tiger root canal, a turtle with frostbite on its shell…This is something I would be very interested in, so I am planning on checking out RPW as soon as it opens.  Since it doesn’t open until 9:30, though, and you need to take a train back, I was concerned about it bumping into our lunch reservation at Yak & Yeti.

There is also an extra magic hour scheduled for that morning, which we plan to take advantage of. What do we do between 8am and 9:15am? That’s not enough time to explore a full area of the park (and take in the theme properly). But I don’t want to give up the advantage of lower lines. You are also several limited by attractions actually available for EMH.

I tried to re-arrange the schedule by theme, but it just didn’t work with the awkwardness of timing RPW. Therefore, I’ve deleted my previous attempts, and I’m starting fresh (again). This time, I plan to focus on getting all the attractions in and NOT worrying about exploring areas until later. After all, this day will only involve RPW, Asia and Dinoland. We are already planning on taking in RPW all at once, so the rest of the day will just be bouncing between Asia and Dinoland.


I did reschedule my Yak & Yeti app for 12:15pm, so we aren’t rushed at Rafiki’s.

I took a different approach this time. I put in only the must-do attractions (including some diversions for theme) for that day. We *may* do Kali River, but only if it is warm and we’re in the mood to get soaked. Also, towards the end of our day, so we could leave if needed. We may also do the Safari again, but it won’t be necessary. I’d rather having a relaxing day, and do those things if we have time. We can try to get a FP+ for either of these late on this day, since we don’t really need them the rest of the day.


I put in all my stuff, hit optimize a few times, and things are off to a good start. In previous attempts, Kali River or the Safari would be first. Since the Safari would be a repeat, and it would be too cold at 8am in January for Kali, I always had to shift things.

In this new schedule, we ride Dinosaur first, avoiding lines, and then we take some time to explore Dinoland (though most other things will be closed, so we’ll need to come back if we want to check out the games and kiosks). We then head toward the back of the park (toward the train) but stop off on the Maharajah Jungle Trek in Asia first- a great time to explore the trail before it gets too crowded.

Then we arrive at the train right at 9:30!


We now have plenty of time at RPW. There is no food out there, but there are benches outside, as well as some bathrooms so I’ve scheduled a break here for a snack from my bag. It’ll be important where lunch is a bit later.

You’ll notice that we have 42 minutes of free time provided we leave RPW when scheduled. This gives us some flexibility in when we leave. If there is a procedure, we’ll stay later. If we need to kill those 42 minutes we can explore Asia- watching the giant monkey tower, checking out the stores, etc… before eating, in Asia, at 12:15pm at the Yak & Yeti.


After lunch, we watch the band in Asia, before checking out the Flights of Wonder show, followed by watching Finding Nemo the Musical. We then have an hour until park close…we might have a FP+ for the Safari or Kali, but we could also leave early, or return to other attractions that we missed or really liked.

When I let go of some ideas I had about how the day should go, selected just the important stuff, and let touring plans do the rest…it worked out really well! I’m very satisfied with this plan!





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