Day Zero Project: Tabletop Category Update

If you are unfamiliar with DZP, you should go here  for a brief explanation, and then check out my current list here. (mind you, it’s a bit out of date…I’ll be updating it as I do these posts). My 101 tasks are broken down into 10 different categories. I’ll post an update on each of these categories…evaluating my progress, making changes if needed, and deciding where to go next.

You can read the progress on my Cat category here.

Category Two: Tabletop Games

  1. Play every game we own and get rid of (donate, toss, etc..) the ones we won’t play again- We have a LOT of good games, but we also have some really old ones, freebies, and the like that aren’t very good.
  2. Have seven people suggest three board games each and play them- A challenge within a challenge! My friends have good taste, and it may force me to play a game that I don’t have interest in, but may actually really like.
  3. Play Caverna- The spiritual successor to Agricola. I find the theme more appealing, and it’s been on my wishlist since before it came out.
  4. Play all scenarios of Pandemic
  5. Learn to play chess- An embarrassing gap in my gamer knowledge. I’ve also found that lots of video games have chess-inspired puzzles.
  6. Play all Dominion Scenarios
  7. Play a Mouseguard campaign through an entire seasonal cycle
  8. Play Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective- (100% completed) DONE!!! Loved it!
  9. Have five friends suggest one RPG each and play them (same reasoning as above)
  10. Play with each Munchkin deck that I own at least twice (the amount of decks we have seems disproportionate to the amount we play)

Sub-category Progress: 10%

Sadly, all of these will need to wait until I move down to Virginia. I’m not interested in completing these goals without the help of my husband.


5 thoughts on “Day Zero Project: Tabletop Category Update

  1. Tommy & I recently got Caverna, so if you change your mind and you’d like a date to play it, let me know! I could cook for you, too 😉 Weekend would be better because the game is so long, but I totally understand if you don’t want to play without Jimmy.


    • Yeah, I saw that- I’m jealous! Jimmy also really wants to play it, so I’m going to wait for now. I’ll put in on my Christmas list again!


      • I know money is tight right now, but I recommend for keeping track of Amazon prices. You pick an item, set a threshold price, and they’ll e-mail you when it drops to that price. That’s why we got it when we did. It doesn’t work perfectly, but it definitely helps. You can also see a graph of historical prices of an item to see if it’s more expensive right now.


  2. Also, I would love to play that Sherlock game again! It was so fun. I’m still kind of irked we didn’t get to play it last Halloween due to another guest’s suggestion =P


    • Sherlock is SO good! You really need to like plan to play that specifically, I guess, so everyone is prepared for it, and dedicate a night just to that.


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