A Virtual Family in my Phone: Part 3

This post is a continuation of this one.

Caution: Spoilers Ahead! If you plan on playing Virtual Families 2, you should skip these posts as they will slowly reveal the house as it gets renovated.


When we last left off, Ribbons had just taken over the house.


Ribbons eventually married Glitch.


Ribbons and Glitch had a child, Rupee. They also expanded the back deck area to make a nice porch.


A stray dog showed up at their door one day, so they adopted it.


Eventually, Glitch and Ribbons got old.


And passed away.


Rupee took over the home and married Marcur. And, I didn’t check on them that much during this generation, so I few screenshots.


Rupee and Marcur had four children, Balone, Katetta, Icona and Lilana.


We’ve accumulated some new furniture…a couch in the office, a fish tank, toy elephant and dresser. We try to catch things on sale.


Eventually Rupee and Marcur passed and it was time for another generation to take over.


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