Day Zero Project: Cat Category Update

Oh yeah, before this whole moving/buying-and-selling-houses business started, I was working on a Day Zero Project list!

I figured maybe I should return to the list…it’ll give me another thing to get excited about while I’m waiting for my life to get back to normal.

If you are unfamiliar with DZP, you should go here  for a brief explanation, and then check out my current list here. (mind you, it’s a bit out of date…I’ll be updating it as I do these posts). My 101 tasks are broken down into 10 different categories. I’ll post an update on each of these categories…evaluating my progress, making changes if needed, and deciding where to go next).


Category One: Cats

  1. Sign-up all cats on the Banfield Plan (50% completed)- At the time of this goal’s creation, we had 6 of the 8 cats on the plan. We added Meredith recently, after she had a minor skin infection. The remaining challenge is to figure out how to get Whisket safely to the vet, while not letting her see (or smell?) any other animals (including at the Vet).
  2. Organize all cat toy boxes- This has been somewhat completed, as I did a cull of toys before the move. However, I still haven’t gone through them thoroughly.
  3. Repair or toss all cat furniture (25% completed)- We eliminated some during the move, but we still need to re-rope/carpet the two towers, along with some small scratchers.
  4. Make 3 homemade cat treats- I have recipe books! Just need some time.
  5. Get Miss Melody to Lose Weight- I need to be in Virginia for this
  6. Brush a cat’s teeth (Fred?) once a week for 6 months- I need to be in Virginia with my kitties.
  7. Have a daily playtime for 3 months (100% complete!)- You can go here to see my summary of this task.
  8. Spend quality time with Whisket daily for 3 months (100% complete)
  9. Get a subscription box for the kitties
  10. Review 10 cat products (30% complete)- Here’s what I’ve done so far: Scratcher Lounge, Clump & Seal, and PureBites Chicken Breast.

Sub-section percentage complete: ~30%



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