TV Show Recommendation: Doc Martin

Just wanted to give a quick TV show recommendation about a series I fell in love with this week!

Thanks to my mother, I watched the first episode of the British show, Doc Martin. Netflix had been putting it into its list of suggestions of shows I should watch for sometime, but the description and image didn’t grab me, so I passed. Then, my mother started talking about how much she liked it, and said I would too.

So, I gave it a watch Sunday night…and I’ve already watch four (five?) episodes. LOVE IT. It’s adorable with lovely characters, and it exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend especially if you love main characters who are grumpy, too clever, awkward and misunderstood, but good. It’s a medical comedy-drama…emphasis on the comedy.

Here’s the description of the show. You can find it on Netflix or your local PBS station. I took out the bit that was spoil-ery.

“Doc Martin stars Martin Clunes as the brash “Doc” Martin Ellingham who finds himself back home in a Cornish village after his illustrious medical career in London goes awry. The townspeople are not used to the doctor’s blunt opinions and insensitive manners, often leading to mayhem in the town of Portwenn.”


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