A Virtual Family in my Phone: Part 1

I’m a long time fan of Last Day of Work, a small video game company famous for Virtual Villagers. Admittedly, my love has been fading in recent years due to the lack of new games. They are currently focused on making all of their games mobile apps. While I realize this might make good economic sense, I’m anxious for an announcement of Virtual Villagers 6!

I’ve played their less popular game, Virtual Families, a hand full of times on my PC. Virtual Families is a bit less puzzle-driven, and plays a bit slower than Villagers. As such, I’ve never made it very far in the game. VF(or VF2, the sequel) do seem ideal for mobile play though. You can check in on your family a couple times a day when you are waiting/killing time/etc…and still make good progress. VF2 is free on Google Play, so I gave it a try.


Here we start. The point of the game is to save money to upgrade the house over the course of many generations.


We started with one person, Dora. She then received, and accepted, a marriage proposal via email from Epsilon.


You can see how some of the rooms look gross, and others are fine. When you get a house upgrade, construction guys come in and fix it up.


Dora and Epsilon had a baby, Ribbons (I don’t name them), right away.


Here you can see Epsilon is a Pesto Sauce Creator, who doesn’t like bushes and wants kids.


Dora repairs phones, hates the internet, makes a lot more money than her husband, and wants kids.


Ribbons is a bit more positive about life, and enjoys vegetables and pinball.


Dora hard at work.


Gradually, over the course of a few days, they age.



They are finally able to fix up a room, and toss in a bed, a couch (where Ribbons sleeps) and a toy.


The “Rockhound Certificate” is rare, and it was available one day so they purchased it. Now they are able to collect fossils from their backyard! The game has several collections you can work on.

We’ll continue to check in with the family as I progress through the game.


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