Cat Photo Update

Since the cats moved to Virginia without me (:::sad face:::), there has been a lot less random cat photo posts on the blog. Thankfully, Jimmy has been good about sending me the occasional kitty photo. So, here’s a photo spread…


Mama Meredith on the way home from the vet.


This one came with the title “He’s Pooped.”


Jimmy discovered a mess of stuffy and bean-bag-like cat toy innards…Mama Meredith did not appear to be the culprit despite her proximity.


The true culprit (see…he is covered in the evidence).


Holding paws.


Jimmy said Harree was trying to mail himself back to me.


Fred getting in trouble (he’s not supposed to be up there!).


Someone in need of a belly rub or some snuggles.


6 thoughts on “Cat Photo Update

  1. Poor mama Meredith. I’m impressed Jimmy is able to wrangle her into a carrier and get a cone on her.

    Oh boy, Fred looks evil in that pic with the stuffing! It’s funny, because I just sewed a new cat toy with stuffing, and I didn’t have time to put away the bag of unused stuffing. The next morning, I found the bag of stuffing knocked over, with stuffing pulled out, and the new toy in the pile of stuffing lol

    That pic of Harree and Meredith is the best pic ever! You even get a clear shot of her orange foot! Ahh, love it! And I think that’s even a Lefty back peeking in the shot 😉

    And that Miles belly looks irresistible!


    • Meredith is surprisingly cooperative once you catch her. Catching her is the hard part, then she is pretty good about most things. She’s a perfect angel at the vet too.


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