Disney Trip Planning: Magic Kingdom Day 1 Touring Plan

If you aren’t familiar with the touringplans.com software, you should checkout my more detailed blog post first on my first day in Animal Kingdom. In that post I explain what I am doing step-by-step. This post will assume you’ve read that one, or are already familiar with the software.

Some important bits of info:

  • This is for a low crowd day (3 of 10) in January when park hours are shorter and the weather is cooler
  • I plan on being at the Magic Kingdom for two and a half days
  • I’ve been before and don’t plan on experiencing everything
  • This plan is for two adults with no kids (kids require more stops, character meet and greets, etc…)
  • This plan is for a moderate walking speed, and a balance of walking and waiting

This plan will happen on the Sunday of the championship playoff games…therefore, we’ll be leaving the park at 2pm to head back to our resort to watch the game from our room.

This day will be in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. I’m saving my favorite lands for the second day. Anything we miss on the first and second days will be a candidate for our third day.


So, I selected my “must do” list from Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. While the Railroad is a must-do for me, it’s not necessary for Fantasyland. In fact, I think it goes better thematically with the second day.


I can only handle one roller coaster a day, so Space Mountain also didn’t make the cut. It left me feeling nauseous last time, and Jimmy is also not a roller coaster fanatic, so we won’t miss it. Buzz Lightyear will be down while we are there, and I don’t consider “Stitch’s Great Escape” a must-do, so our Tomorrowland list is looking a bit small with Carousel of Progress, the PeopleMover, and the Laugh Factory.


We have an 11:30 ADR for Be Our Guest. It’s our only restaurant repeat on this trip. We really liked it (and there aren’t many options for TS in Magic Kingdom).


Of course, when you finally get to the screen with the touring plan, you need to check those ADR times…I said 11:30, Touring Plans, not 2:30pm.


After optimizing several times, here our results. The end time of the plan (1:22pm +15 minutes for the attraction + 8 minutes to the exit) is perfectly in line with our goal of leaving around 2pm. No need to add or subtract any attractions just yet.


I thought it’d be fun to take the carriage ride down to the castle first thing in the morning. The crowds are low, so it shouldn’t mess things up too much, right?

Wrong! Moving the Main Street vehicles from late in the touring plan to the morning increases 7DMT and PPF to go up dramatically, and also causes small increases throughout the rest of the touring plan. It’s not worth it. I removed the vehicles, perhaps on another day.


I added in a snack break which boosted up PPF again. PPF will definitely be a Fastpass consideration!

Aside from removing the Main Street vehicles, and adding in a break. I didn’t have to do much tweaking. This plan was pretty perfect to begin with.


We arrive before ropedrop, so we can watch the Welcome Show (very important!). Then dash to 7DMT for my first ride ever on it.


We then visit Winnie the Pooh before taking a quick break. After which, we continue to bounce around Fantasyland until our lunchtime reservation. After lunch, we continue with the Beauty and the Beast theme by watching Enchanted Tales with Belle. We exit through the castle (so we can admire the murals) and head to Tomorrowland.


We finish off our day with a few Tomorrowland rides before heading back to the resort for the game, and dinner at Pop’s food court.


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