Places I want to Visit in Virginia: Historic Palmyra (Walking Tour)

This is another post in my series that talks about the places I want to visit once I finally am able to join my husband at our new home in Virginia.

During my last visit, on a trip back from Walmart, I asked Jimmy to take another route home so we could drive through “Historic Palmyra”. I had seen a sign for it and was curious.

Our drive through was a bit disappointing, as it seemed mostly abandoned. I did see a sign for a “jail museum” which I made a mental note to investigate later. It was during an internet search for that museum, that I uncovered the Fluvanna (our county) History website and a walking tour pdf of historic Palmyra!

It’s tiny and there isn’t much to go into. However, it’d make for a nice walk, we’d learn some history about our new home, and maybe discover a park we could return to. It’s also only 13 minutes away from our house, and would make for a practically free little afternoon. We could pair this with some geocaching too, as there are 6 caches nearby (2 of which likely appear on the walking tour!)

historic palmyra

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