Dragon Age Origins: Part 5

Caution: Spoilers Ahead! Since DAO was released in 2009, if you wanted to play , you likely already have. However, I will be doing a play by play of the game, so if you haven’t played and want to, and care about spoilers, skip this post.

For Part One of the story, go here: https://catnerd.wordpress.com/2015/06/28/dragon-age-origins-part-1/

Okay, *this* post will get us all caught up!


We encountered this guy, Cullen, a templar who insisted that the mages were a lost cause. We ignored him, and proceeded on because that’s what we do.


We finally met the guy responsible for all this, Uldred, at the top of the tower. I am beginning to learn that the worst battles always occur at the top, bottom, center…whatever is furthest from the starting point.

We then had an epic battle, during which I was way too busy to take any pictures. We saved most of the circle (a bunch of them were about to be turned into demons).


Wynne was so appreciative, that she offered to join our team. Which I’ve decided to call team Muddles…because, let’s face it, the dog is our mascot. See, I need to take more photos during camp…Muddles brings back all sorts of weird items…like ladies undergarments. Anyway, off topic…


The Circle was very happy with us as well, the offered to join our army to fight the darkspawn (not sure how useful they’ll be after this recent catastrophe, though). And they agreed to help us defeat Connor’s demon.


We gathered again at the Arl’s home, this time with the power of the Circle behind us. We volunteered Wynne to be the mage to go into the fade and defeat the demon. Wynne is strong and good-hearted, she fit the role nicely.


Wynne was not tempted by anything the demon could offer, and defeated it. Connor was free.


Everyone was grateful and thankful. Sadly, the Arl himself was still ill. We promised to search for a cure for him (one more thing to do on our giant to-do list where everything is marked “urgent”).


We were ambushed by a team of assassins. They lured us to the site with a woman in distress, and then attempted to slaughter us. They failed. One survived, so we interrogated him. Zevran was a member of the Antivan Crows who were hired by Loghain (the guy who killed the king, Duncan, and a whole bunch of other men, by abandoning us on the battlefield) to eliminate Alistair and I. Zevran had no real beef with us, he was merely a hired assassin. However, the Crows never fail jobs, so Zevran asked to stay and serve us, as means for staying alive. He seemed sincere, and we can use the help, so I said “yes”. Alstair and Morrigan did not approve, but I didn’t see any other option. If we let him go, he could just spread more information, but I don’t want to kill a man who has begged for mercy. Also, he seems nice. Lelianna approved of us adding him to the party. I don’t have a picture of Zevran (an elf), only have a grumpy Alistair.


I found Morrigan’s mother’s journal. As it turns out, Flemeth is some sort of immortal monster who has raised many daughters only to overtake their body when they come of age. Morrigan was sent with us to make her a more powerful host for Flemeth. So, Morrigan asked if, at some point soon, we can take out the evil creature so she can live. Obviously, I agreed, but it seems like it will be very difficult. Also, one more thing on the to-do-now list. Sigh.


On our way to Denerim (a city we went to that I have one photo from; see previous notes about losing photos), Alstair told me about his sister (remember he is the bastard son of the King) who lives in Denerim. He asked if we could seek her out.


Well, we did…and she was resentful and bitter of Alistair and all she wanted was money. All he wanted was family, poor guy.


We were in Denerim to seek out Brother Genitivi who knew the location of the Urn of Sacred Ashes, but Genitivi was missing.


We then ventured into the woods to see if we could get the elves on our side (for fighting the Darkspawn). We met the Dalish elf leader, Zathrian. He said that the elves were in no condition to assist due to a werewolf plague. Yes, we offered to help.


The werewolves did not take kindly to us being in the forest. It seems negotiation may not be possible.


The forest is a strange place. We met a Grand Oak, who did not attack us like the other trees, but instead rhymed at us. We agreed to help him find his acorn. We think it has something to do with a crazy hermit.

Okay, looks like we are caught up now! I can play again! Yay!


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