Backyard Deer

This summer has been abundant with deer, mostly at our new home in Virginia, but there was this incident last week…


We have had deer in our yard in Toledo once before, but since it’s a completely enclosed yard surrounded by neighbors on all sides, it is a rare event. The deer seemed happy and healthy, though, and leaped over the fence when it decided to leave.

It has become apparent that deer-watching will be a common pastime at the Virginia house.


When driving, or out for walks, it is common that we see deer in a neighbor’s yard, or in the wooded areas.


Jimmy took this photo (through a screen) of some young ones in our backyard.

20150802_190945 20150802_190954

And last time I was down there, I took these photos. Luckily, I have no plans to plant any fancy gardens, so the deer are in no way a nuisance to me. You can anticipate many more photos of deer once I move!


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