Game Recommendation: King’s Quest- A Knight to Remember

Recently, the first chapter of the new King’s Quest game was released. It’s available through Steam on per chapter basis, or with a season pass. The King’s Quest series was a childhood favorite for many people my age (including myself, I was particularly fond of King’s Quest 7). The creation of the story started back in 1980, though the first King’s Quest game was in 1983. Most of the subsequent games (through the 8th in 1998) deal with the same family line. The games are whimsical adventure games with a great emphasis on story and environment and involve solving puzzles and critical thinking.


The newest sequel is a clever re-imagining. They have you re-live the past adventures of King’s Quest 1, as they are told by an elderly, King Graham (the hero of KQ1) to his granddaughter. It’s not a remake, it’s the original story in an entirely new game.

If you haven’t played any of the King’s Quest games, you will still enjoy this game immensely (Jimmy did, despite having no knowledge of KQ). However, it may be a good idea to take a look a brief description of the past games, so you have an appreciation for who King Graham is.


I have nothing but positive things to say about chapter one. It is exactly what I want from a King’s Quest game. It was charming, whimsical, light-hearted and made me chuckle out loud. There are some very exciting parts, and even some action sequences. You will die in the game, but since King Graham is still alive he can’t *really* die, so the narration gives an amusing equip about how that wasn’t really how it happened, and you start over from a very reasonable autosave point. I have lousy hand-eye coordination and spatial reasoning skills…I get frustrated with combats in games and always set them to “easy”…I despise replaying scenes due to failure…and I hated timed puzzles. This had *just* enough of those things to provide some suspense without annoying me. I failed a few times, but it only stung for a few seconds.


If you’ve seen the Princess Bride, you’ll love some of the references that have been tossed in.

There’s quite a bit of variation to the game due to choices you need to make. Jimmy and I each played a run through, and some scenes were different in each game. Additionally, we only managed to complete just over 50% of the achievements despite BOTH of us completing this chapter, so there is some replay-ability.

OH…also this game is wonderfully voice-acted by people like Christopher Lloyd and Wallace Shawn.


I loved this game, and I also loved watching Jimmy love this game. I *highly* recommend picking up chapter one, and I can’t wait for chapter 2!!


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