Dragon Age Origins: Part 4

Caution: Spoilers Ahead! Since DAO was released in 2009, if you wanted to play , you likely already have. However, I will be doing a play by play of the game, so if you haven’t played and want to, and care about spoilers, skip this post.

For Part One of the story, go here: https://catnerd.wordpress.com/2015/06/28/dragon-age-origins-part-1/

I’m still catching up on the chunk of the story with the lost screenshots, after I am caught up (this post?). I will start keeping better track of my screenshots, taking more of my own shots, and posting them as soon as possible after I play them. We’re going to be missing a lot of detail here because a) lost screen shots, and b) it has been awhile since I played as I was waiting until I had some free time to get all the screenshots sorted.

When we left off last we discovered that the Arl’s son, Connor, had been possessed by a demon.


Connor made Lord Teagan (the Arl’s brother, a good guy) fight us. While we won the battle, he managed not to die (he was very lucky).


I decided that we needed outside help to deal with Connor…we needed to seek out the assistance of the Circle of Magi. We could have tried to handle it then, but I didn’t want to put my people in unnecessary danger.

I need to take screenshots of the camping, because those are my favorite times. The auto-system doesn’t get enough camp shots. Anyway, Alistair and I bonded over our mutual Grey-Warden induced nightmares. Apparently, they aren’t actually nightmares, but visions from the Darkspawn.


The Blood Mage we found in the basement could have assisted…but he had poisoned the Arl. Even if it was under the orders of another, I still didn’t trust him.

Unfortunately, the Circle of the Magi Tower was a mess. Something about Blood Mages running a muck and releasing things they couldn’t handle. The Templar were getting ready to nuke the place. But the people who could best help us were inside, and I have a thing for rescuing people…so off we go into certain death to save some people we don’t really know so we can save that kid that I think is Alistairs half-brother or something but whom I also don’t really know from certain death. Whew.


This guy told us about a magical item…a litany of some sort…that will help against Blood Magic. OH…and the older woman in the photos…that is Wynne, she’s a magi who wanted to help, and since she knows about this place, magic, and can heal people (unlike Morrigan), I readily agreed. I like making friends.


We encountered a powerful sloth demon in the tour who sent us into the fade.


In the fade, I encountered a demon disguised as Duncan (the man who helped me escape the attack on my home, and made me a Grey Warden. Demon Duncan tried to convince me that everything was fine, and we had won, and that there were no more Darkspawn. I didn’t fall for it.


After escaping that part of the fade, I met Niall who was trying to save the circle when he was always trapped by the sloth demon. He had lost hope of escaping, unlike me.


After lots of weirdness (I had to learn how to change forms…become a mouse, and a spirit, and a ball of fire)…it was really exhausting. I saved Morrigan from a demon disguised as her mother.


And Alistair from his dream of having a happy family.


I helped Wynne escape her nightmare about not being able to save the Circle.


Ultimately, we defeated the sloth demon.


Niall had been in the fade too long, and his body was no longer alive, so we couldn’t save him.

I still have about 15 more screenshots until we are all caught up, so I’m going to pause the story here! The next post will come out soon!


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