Meister Task Review Update: Meals & Menus!

About a month ago, I shared with you an app/website recommendation for Meistertask to help you organize your personal projects. Well, I’ve come up with a NEW use for Meistertask.

Sadly, I’m unable to put it to full use yet since I’m still stuck in an empty for-sale home eating frozen meals every night, but once I move and can cook full meals again, this will be very handy, I think!

I’ve tried many meal and recipe organizers…none of which have ever stuck. I don’t have time in my daily life to mess with complicated ones. I want a simple drag-and-drop list. So, I’m recreating my meal database in Meistertask.



I will be continuing to add meals and meal categories to this list, but you can see the potential here. The first column is the standard “done” column which I’ve re-purposed as “cooked recently”. I’ve then been adding categories filled with meals I cook on a regular basis.

Remember, you can easily slide the columns around…so meal categories that are abundant (such as “pasta dishes in my case”) I can keep to the front of the pack. As lists get shorter, I can slide columns to the front that are still abundant with meals. I haven’t found the column limit yet, so you can make quite a number of categories (in this case I have several more off-screen).

Here’s an example of how this could work.

  1. Sunday Night- Make spaghetti and meatballs. Move that to the “recently cooked” column.
  2. Monday Night- Honey mustard pretzel chicken. Move it over.
  3. Tuesday Night- Chicken Alfredo. Move it.
  4. Wednesday Night- Sweet and Sour Chicken. Move it.
  5. Thursday- Salad and Baked Potato. Move it.
  6. Friday- Chicken Parm. Move it.


So now are meal organizer looks like the above. Clearly, we need to pick more sandwiches. Also, I haven’t even touched the taco-like category hidden off screen. When I go into my next week of meal planning, I do this….


Now, my focus can be on sandwiches and tacos.

Once everything is moved into the “cooked recently” category. I can just re-sort it back into the original categories. Since this will take a few weeks, I can also re-assess the recipes…any new ones I want to add? any I want to “retire” for a while? These can be separate gray columns as well- “New Recipes” and “Retired” that perhaps you only look at once every few weeks.

This was just an idea that I had that I’m very happy with. It’s so easy and quick to move things around! However, you can easily modify it to match your personal habits and styles. Your categories could be days of the week, or by time. In the case of days of the week, you could just rotate the meals up and down the column instead of having a “done” column. Even easier!

Let me know if you find an alternative use for Meistertask!



3 thoughts on “Meister Task Review Update: Meals & Menus!

  1. Wow, I’ve never thought about organizing frequent/favorite recipes in this manner. What a good idea! I always struggle to remember what we like to make (and often get in the rut of too many of the same culture in a week). This is a great way to remember and mix it up! Now, I’d just need to figure out how to link it to the recipe, and I’d be all set!


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