Sims 4: “Get Together”, Not Enough Info Yet!

I’ve been looking forward to this morning for weeks. The Sims announced the next expansion pack at Gamescom in Germany at 4am (my time).

I’ve loved all the content the Sims 4 team has created thus far. Sure, I’m missing particular features (I was in The Sims 3 as well), but they’ve made an effort to put out a lot of wonderful content since the release. I was looking forward to hearing whatever new idea they had next.

This morning they announced “The Sims: Get Together”.

My initial thoughts upon seeing this title…togetherness…thank goodness, it must be a family-related pack…and I was very excited. But that’s not what it is…

Actually, I’m not really sure what the defining feature of this expansion is…it seems like a mishmash of several ideas centered around a theme of…socialization? maybe?

I feel like I don’t have enough information to be excited yet. It’s all very vague. I’m hoping that as more information gets released, it’ll seem like more of a cohesive pack.


The key features include:

  • Exploring a New World- Okay, the world is pretty, and seems interesting…but we got a new world in Outdoor Retreat. We get new worlds all the time in Sims games. This isn’t anything new.
  • Meet New Sims/Make New Friends- We already do this in the game? How are these mechanics different? There is mention of “clubs”- cliques of friends with similar interests. I think that could be the defining feature, but available information is very vague at the moment.
  • Rule the Dance Floor- DJing and Dancing skills….Yay for new skills, but I can’t say I find these hugely interesting. It’s party-style dancing, not like Ballet or something. So…meh. Not useful for my nerdy Sims.
  • Party Anywhere- Also a vague point…are we getting new kinds of parties? more party interactions?
  • Closets- You can now try on clothes in a closet…okay, that could be the main feature of a STUFF pack. That’s essentially just a fancy object.

And that’s it…the key may be in the details. There are cafes with baristas, for instance. And synchronized dancing. And possibly swimming in a lake. There will need to be a lot of these details to make up for the lack of a core feature, though.

TS4_523_EP2_ANN_03_002b TS4_523_EP2_ANN_02_004

Hopefully new information continues to trickle out. I *want* to be excited, but you haven’t given me enough information, EA.

Next week, however, the Kitchen Stuff pack comes out…new kitchen appliances and ICE CREAM…now THAT is exciting (when you do a cost benefit analysis).

Also, free dishwashers this week. Also exciting.


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