Places I Want to Visit in Virginia: Carter Mountain Orchard

I’m starting a new segment here, where I tell you about the places I plan to visit once the house sells and I can finally finish the move to Virginia.

It’s been very warm here the last few days, but temperatures this morning were a bit lower and there was a nice crisp cool breeze…that reminded me of fall. Also, Jimmy has not let me forget that football is coming soon. I really hope I can be down in Virginia by the time fall rolls around because it’s my favorite season.

So, here is a place I’d like to visit in the fall…

Carter Mountain Orchard

  • ~25 minutes away from our home (which is about how long it takes to get to our closest Walmart, so it’s pretty darn close)
  • While they have peaches, nectarines and veggies in the summer, fall is, of course, apple season! They boast a dozen varieties of apples.
  • They have a bakery and grill where you can get pies, cider, lunch foods, apple cider doughnuts, cookies, and more.
  • Pumpkins, gourds and Indian corn.
  • A craft store with local handmade items
  • Events like the apple harvest celebration

For my Ohio friends, I’ve found the MacQueen’s of my new home. Just with more parking!!! Looking forward to checking it out this fall (fingers crossed).


2 thoughts on “Places I Want to Visit in Virginia: Carter Mountain Orchard

  1. That place sounds wonderful! More parking would definitely be nice lol I’ve also been enjoying the fall-like mornings.

    If you’re still up here in the fall, we can do fall stuff together to try to make things a bit easier. I’d def. be up for apple picking at MacQueens! =)


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