July Harree Update


Jimmy says Harree was trying to mail himself back to me.

Harree is given subq fluids every other day. He has an aluminum hydroxide supplement added to his food. His food intake and weight are carefully monitored. He’s offered food as often as possible throughout the day to ensure he is able to eat whenever he is hungry. His food options are varied to keep him interested.

His weight has stabilized- not losing, but not gaining either. His strength and dexterity has not returned, but he has become much more energetic and affectionate, as I mentioned last time.

Several weeks ago when they redid his bloodwork things were still going downhill with his kidney values continuing to creep higher and his phosphorus levels reaching levels that were endangering other organs.

Harree visited his vet on Saturday for another round of bloodwork. I figured, given his improvement in overall health, his blood values would reflect that the effects had slowed, or maybe even stabilized for some values. Sunday morning, we received the news that his bloodwork was, to quote the vet, “fantastic!”. ALL his values moved in the appropriate directions, and some significantly. His phosphorus values were back to normal, and his kidney values had made significant leaps in the right direction.

I cried. Harree is such a trooper! Now, there’s a decent chance of me being able to move down to Virginia before the inevitable and I’ll be ale to spend more time with him. In addition to Harree having amazing bounce-back capabilities, Jimmy gets all the credit for being such a dedicated caregiver.


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