Disney Trip Planning: ADR Day is Approaching!

The day to make ADRs (Advanced Dining Reservations) for my January Disney trip is quickly approaching- only 8 more days!

Since I’m going in January, I would still be able to find reservations available a few months from now. However, those reservations wouldn’t necessarily be for times that work with my schedule, or for the places I want to eat at. For example, I plan on trying to get lunch reservations at Be Our Guest. BOG is very popular and gets booked up quickly. Additionally, we’d prefer to eat at a more traditional hour (noon) as supposed to a super late or early lunch. Last year’s trip showed us that we are really ready to eat in the parks by about 11:30am and by about 5:00pm, especially since we are rope-drop sort of people (meaning we are ready to enter the parks as soon as they open).

As I mentioned before, all of our ADRs will be for the lunchtime hour. We like to keep our evenings flexible- if we are tired, feeling unwell, etc…we’d like to be able to leave the park early. By using the touring plans, we ride a lot of attractions early in the day, and then leave our evenings entirely free. This means we could sit down and enjoy a snack while watching some live entertainment. The parks are also busiest during the lunchtime hour…having an ADR gives you a guaranteed time and space to relax, cool off, and escape the crowds.

My Current ADR Plans (entirely subject to change!):

Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

  • 50’s Prime Time Cafe- Themed like a kitchen from the 50’s, this restaurant provides classic American comfort food along with some interaction from the wait staff who demand that you finish your vegetables and keep your elbows off the table. As you may know from a previous blog post, this was one of our first picks for dining and I haven’t had much reason to change it.


Animal Kingdom:

  • Yak & Yeti- Another one of initial picks that has withstood the changes. Yak & Yeti is a Nepalese-themed restaurant that serves pan-Asian fare.
  • No ADR for the second day!- Even though we are spending two days at AK, one of those days will not have an ADR. We were originally planning on the Tusker House. While TH gets praised for its food, it is a buffet and a character meal. As we learned last time, buffets don’t work well for us. On top of that, the new Harambe Market opened up. It’s quick service, but it offers a variety of African-inspired cuisine. I think we’ll get more value from Harambe.



  • Via Napoli- Located in the Italy Pavilion, Via Napoli is a Southern Italian -themed restaurant known for their amazing pizza. They are also considered one of the more inexpensive table service establishments.
  • Toyko Dining- With windows overlooking the World Showcase Lagoon, Tokyo Dining provides (supposedly) authentic Japanese cuisine, beautiful views and the reviews indicate the service is wonderful.


Magic Kingdom

  • Be Our Guest-  French-inspired cuisine in the Beast’s castle. The major shifts in our dining plan come in the Magic Kingdom. MK doesn’t have a lot of great options for dining, and we’ll be spend the most number of days there. At first, I had Crystal Palace planned, but it is a buffet…and like I’ve said a million times, buffets don’t work for us. We loved BOG last time, and I’d love the opportunity to sit in a different spot. BOG lunch is quick service, but still requires an ADR. We plan on spending one day primarily in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, BOG will be the meal for that day.
  • Liberty Tree Tavern- LTT is Colonial themed with New England-style cuisine. We did this last time as well, but the food and service was good. And this is another place where I’d like to sit in a different room. Also, it’ll fit in with our second day which will be dedicated to Liberty Square, Frontierland and Adventureland. However, if for some crazy reason I manage to get a hold of an ADR for the Jungle Cruise restaurant (not yet open). LTT will get the boot!
  • The Plaza- A turn-of-the-century themed dining parlor that serves sandwiches, burgers, and shakes.



4 thoughts on “Disney Trip Planning: ADR Day is Approaching!

  1. I have a picture of Tommy from the 50’s cafe when he was in HS =)

    I’ll have to remember the Tusker House. Buffets have worked well for us in the past. We eat a giant lunch, then just have a snack for dinner. I’ll make sure we check it out next time we do AK. I am a little nervous about Character Dining, we’ve never been to one of those.

    Also, I am WAY too excited about the prospect of the Jungle Cruise restaurant!


    • I find character dining less intimidating than meet & greets, but my parents took me to quite a few when I was little, and I went to one with Jimmy (the Garden Grille) when we went with my mom shortly after we started going out. The characters just walk around, wave, hug you, etc…but they do let you eat, so it’s less scary for me! TH is highly recommended by a LOT of people. I don’t know if they have characters for all meals, though…so you may be able to get a lunch without characters?


      • That’s good to know! The Garden Grille has always seemed cool. I love that it looks over Living with the Land for a small portion. I like that they let you eat without harassing you 😉 Maybe I’ll consider it!


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