Movie Recommendation: Inside Out


As I mentioned previously, I had the pleasure of seeing Disney Pixar’s Inside Out in the theater a few days after it released. Here is my official recommendation to GO SEE IT…but bring tissues.

Inside Out is about Riley, an 11-year old girl going through a difficult cross-country move, and the five emotions that live inside her head.

Not only is this movie enjoyable and entertaining, it’s very clever. The way the brain is represented is genius as it is both complicated and easy to understand. It is clear the developers put a lot of time into researching adolescent psychology and designing an excellent representation of emotions, memories, and personality.

The movie is full of wisdom, for both children and adults. It reminds us that we don’t need to “fix” sadness, and that all emotions are an important part of the human experience. It’s hard to choose a favorite emotion character. Disgust was surprisingly adorable.

Adults should bring tissues. There are a few very touching scenes and some that may hit close to home. I was tearing up early on in the movie, but I lost it at a surprising moment and for a character that I previously hadn’t really cared about.


Adults get to laugh more than the children do, as well, though. Many of the jokes are clearly aimed at the adults, and the audience I was in laughed loudly and often.

I’d also like to mention Pixar does SUCH a good job of designing children. Riley, the way she thinks, behaves, and the logic she uses seems genuine.

I adored this movie. I hope Disney adds an Inside-Out attraction to the parks. It could work very similar to the old Cranium Command. We could be in “headquarters” with the emotions, and witness a crisis in action.

Inside Out has tied for my favorite Disney Pixar film with Finding Nemo. I can’t wait to see what Pixar does with Finding Dory next year!


One thought on “Movie Recommendation: Inside Out

  1. We saw this last weekend, and though I think I liked it more than the boys combined, we all were glad we went. I plan to get it when it comes out, and I’d love it if there was a sequel. So cute and so, so clever.


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