Disney Planning: Where I am at- Part 2

This post is continued from yesterday’s post.

As we discussed yesterday, I’ve completed steps 1 through 3 of WDW Prep’s 6-step list of planning a Disney vacation.

Step 4: Picking Dining Options- I’ve already done a lot of thinking, researching and planning for this, as we discussed previously in this post. I’m still playing with the exact plans for our dining. I’ve created a spreadsheet to estimate a food budget, so I’ve selected counter service and snack options as well. However, I’m trying to decide if we should visit all NEW places or do both new and revisiting some we like (and therefore saving some surprises for later). I can tell you that we are definite about the majority (or all) of our table service plans being at lunchtime and in the parks. Since we are two adults who like to stay in the parks all day, and the parks close earlier in the winter, a go-back-to-the-resort mid-day break isn’t necessary. However, chilling out away from the sun for an hour or so will help refresh us. Also, not having dinner reservations allows us to leave the parks when we choose. If we are tired, or not feeling well (motion sickness being the most likely culprit there) we can leave early and eat at our resort. I’m considering a return to the Coral Reef or Be Our Guest. I’m leaning more towards BOG since Magic Kingdom does not have a wide dining options. Unlike Epcot (where the Coral Reef is), where there is no shortage of dining options. I will need to make the table service decision by July 24th, since I’ll need to make dining reservations on the 25th.


Our magical wedding dessert at the Coral Reef, compliments from Mickey.

Step 5: Touring Plans- I’ve already begun making these because it’s the best part of planning. 🙂 However, I expect to be working on them for quite some time.

Some additional things I’ve worked on:

  • Formulating Goals- I came up with a list of items that I want to check off on the next trip. You can read them here: Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Estimating a Budget- I will share the spreadsheet on this soon.
  • Creating a Binder- Thanks to this post by WDW Prep School, I’m creating a planning binder for this trip (really I am just trying to prolong the planning process!). Actually, Shannon gives a lot of good suggestions on what could be in that binder. You can put in transportation maps, resort maps, best spots for fireworks and parade viewing, recreational calendars for resorts, menus for food places, all sorts of things. I’ll keep you updated on the binder’s progress. My binder just arrived a few days ago!
  • Booked the Trip- I booked the day after packages were released (June 22nd)!
  • MeisterTask- I’m trying out a new site/app called Meistertask. I’m certain I’ll be doing a review of it at some point in the future. It’s a to-do list program, but a project-centered one. It won’t replace the amazing Habit RPG as my to-do list of choice. However, I began using it as a way to organize my blog post ideas and I am now expanding it to organizing the trip.



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