Cat Profiles (Update): Miles


Name: Miles (Source: Click here)

Alternate Names: MyMiles, Milezez, Mr. Miles, Chicken Nugget, Chicken Little

Age: 5

Origin/History: Born in our own home in March 2010 to Mama Meredith. Miles was the lightest of the three kittens both in weight (now, he is the heaviest) and color. While Fred was the first to open his eyes, Miles was the first one to leave the “nest”. He was the first to walk, the first to use the litter box, and the first to get in trouble.

Favorite Foods/Flavors: Anything that you’d anticipate a cat to eat. He likes all cat food (dry or wet), all treats (every flavor), chicken, tuna, cheese, etc… He is always willing to eat. However, he doesn’t venture for more “exotic” foods like melon or olives, unlike Dixee and Harree.

Special Needs: Weight. His love of eating has gotten him into trouble. He’s been put on a metabolic diet. However, his weight isn’t as much of a concern as Miss Melody’s is.

Personality: As you can tell from his nicknames, he has lost the adventurous attitude of his youth. He is a scaredy cat, particularly around strangers and loud noises. He is very affectionate and LOVES to be pet and scratched especially around his chin and ears. He is a talker, lots of loud vocalizations that make him appear to be having a conversation with you. He hates to be held, but instead of fighting to get down, he just complains loudly.

Favorite Activities: “Helping mom” in the kitchen- he likes to jump up on the stools in the kitchen and watch me cook/prepare cat food/etc… He likes lying on his back with his tummy exposed. Sleeping. Eating. Playing with slightly larger toys that he can rake, especially ones filled with good quality cat nip. Talking to people.


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