Everyone’s Got a Diet

We’ve added two more prescription diets to the list of foods my cats consume.


Up until last weekend, we had the following prescription diets:

  • Hill’s K/D (Harree, Dixee, Lefty; K/D is for kidney health. Harree has been on this for six years, but last year we were told to give it to Lefty and Dixee as well due to their age)
  • Royal Canin Renal LP (it’s basically the same as K/D, just a different brand; the vet added this to encourage Harree to eat)
  • Royal Canin Urinary SO (Meredith)
  • Royal Canin Urinary SO Moderate Calorie (Meredith)

This meant that Harree, Dixee, Lefty and sometimes Meredith (only when she needed it) were on prescription diets.

We’ve now added two more to the mix:

  • Royal Canin’s Calm (Fred; this is also a “only when needed” situation; Since Fred’s skin is showing no signs of irritation or redness, and because he’s a stress muffin, she thinks the over-grooming is all psychological. This new diet is formulated to combat the symptoms of stress & anxiety. Apparently it has tested very well. I’ll report back after he’s been eating it on a regular basis.)
  •  Hill’s Metabolic (Melody and Miles have been informed they need to lose weight)

Meredith can also benefit from the metabolic and the calm; so she gets to choose where she eats. Piggy will remain on the regular food for now, but we may try out the “calm” for her as well.

Of course, there are wet food versions of the prescription diets we have as well, plus a variety of treats, dry food that act as treats, and an assortment of other low-protein wet foods when we need to convince Harree to eat more.

The cat cupboard looks like we are opening a pet store!


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