Disney Pin Trading: The Bambi Fiasco

I’ve had three Disney pin trading experiences so far (but only 2 actual trades; more info later). While the trading/social aspect has been fun and everyone has been nice, two of the experiences resulted in me obtaining pins of lesser quality (scrappers/fakes) and I also have some questions about the third. It has been a learning experience. I feel better prepared to trade pins in the future now, but who knows since I’ve been unable to hold a successful trade thus far!


Sweet Tinkerbell was a pin I got early on from a Hidden Mickey blind bag. This is one of my favorite images of Tink (I’m not a huge fan) and I like the other pins in this series so I decided to collect it.

On a pin trading site, someone offered to swap my Belle pin for their Sweet Bambi pin (part of the series with Tink). Actually, the trade was with his young daughter who loved Belle. I agreed since I didn’t plan to collect Belle, and it was for a pin I wanted.


The middle pin is the pin I received. Notice how the image looks rough/chipped? That’s because the paint isn’t lined up with the image. It had some other issues on the back as well. The quality is poor compared to the Tinks. However, I think it *may* be an official pin, just a scrapper. A “scrapper” is a pin that was made with other official pins but just didn’t meet quality control standards and then was stolen from the factory (by employees or pilfered from the dumpster) and sold for cheap online. After doing some research, I’ve discovered that this particular pin is known for having a lot of scrappers out in the world. Apparently they had some challenges with this pin. I did inquire with the fellow swapper but didn’t ask for the pin back since it wasn’t obviously a fake, you can only tell when you look closely, and they seemed to honestly not realize it.

While I was asking what more experienced people thought about this pin, in a different forum, some nice, generous soul offered to send me a replacement Bambi! Wow! She wouldn’t accept anything in return! I hope to someday return this generosity to another pinner.


This Bambi isn’t perfect…in fact, I have some questions about his origins too…BUT he is much better quality than the other one and I’m happy to have him in my collection.

Also, it didn’t end there she surprised me with TWO more extras that she had!



Each of these pins will get it’s own information post, like my others. I need to look at the entire collection before I decide to keep or trade. The Donald is really cute…

So…I got a fake from a cast member, a scrapper from a little girl, and then a fellow pinner gave me three pins for free. Fortunately, I am in this hobby for the fun social and collecting aspects (and getting to wear pin lanyards around the parks!) not the money (some people do make a lot of money off pins). So, I’m okay with experience so far.

In the future, I plan to only trade with people in-person, or people that I know, so that I can see and feel the pin before trading. Trading for fake Rowlf with the CM is what led me to learn about fakes and scrappers, and how to identify them.


5 thoughts on “Disney Pin Trading: The Bambi Fiasco

  1. I love that someone hooked you up with not only a better Bambi pin, but those two other ones– they’re fabulous. Logan may have that Toy Story one thanks to his Uncle Doug and future Aunt Jessica, hehe.


  2. What a nice community! Pin trading sounds complicated. I promiced myself not to get into any type of collected, so I think this is something I will enjoy watching from afar =)


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