Disney Goals for 2016: Part 2

So immediately after I finished writing my post on my Goals for my 2016 Disney Trip, I came up with a few more items. So, I present to you, part 2:

  • Ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train– I get motion sickness pretty bad, and I max out at one coaster or nausea-inducing ride per day. Since I didn’t have much info on SDMT, the waits were ridiculous, and I had enough rides to meet my nausea quotient, we passed on this ride last January. However, since then I’ve done some research which included, but was not limited to, watching ride videos and searching comments on forums about motion sickness related to SDMT. I’ve concluded that I think I can handle it, and that’ll it’ll be worth it. Given how the ride is crafted, I may actually be able to get to enjoy the details.
  • See Festival of the Lion King– It is weird that I mentioned this in the beginning of the last post, but for some reason left it off the list. As I said, we ran out of time at Animal Kingdom (I’m in awe of the people who say it’s a half-day park, we had a full day!) and never got to see Festival of the Lion King. FOLK is usually concerned a not-to-be-missed attraction and tops the list of people’s favorite WDW shows, so this will be a priority.
  • See the Main Street Electrical Parade– We didn’t see this last time. Jimmy has never seen it, and I really, really want to see it again. I LOVE the music for it. This isn’t just an MK priority, this is a trip priority.
  • Thank 3 Cast Members Properly– Of course, I say “thank you”, sometimes profusely and almost always with sincerity, to Disney cast members. We experienced a lot of really amazing service while we were there, and I appreciate good customer service. However, I could never remember anyone’s name! So when asked by a CM giving a survey if I had any cast members I’d like to give a shout-out to, I couldn’t name individuals (neither could Jimmy). Likewise, I wasn’t able to call or write later to recognize the CM. I realize that customer feedback goes into the files of CMs, and is important for promotions (and it’s nice to give them encouragement). Therefore, I want to record the names of three cast members and the details of the experience, so I can properly thank them by e-mailing Disney after the trip, as well as requesting a “Great Service Fanatic” card or at least letting their manager know.



5 thoughts on “Disney Goals for 2016: Part 2

  1. All of the things you’ve listed are new to me, too! I don’t think I’d brave the train ride, but all the others seem great for me.

    Also, thanks for sharing the cast member appreciation info. I didn’t know that was a thing, and would love to properly thank cast members in the future!


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