Cat Subscription Boxes

I love curated packages. Curated packages are packages you receive through the mail that contain products all related to a center topic or centered around a theme. Subscription boxes are ones that you receive regularly through the mail, but I am also a fan of the one-time package purchase. We’ve talked about surprises a lot recently (like in the Disney Grab Bag post).

If you’ve read this blog at all, or even just glance up at the title, you also know that I adore cats. I have 8 furchildren and prefer their company over the company of most humans. Obviously, I like to spoil them.

There are several curated packages for cats, and cat-lovers. Once things are more stable (read: when my move to Virginia is complete), I plan on getting a few of these packages and reviewing them here on the blog for my fellow cat lovers. For now, I am accumulating a list of these boxes to refer to later. If you have any experience with these boxes, or have any more you’d like to add, please leave a comment.

KitNipBox KitNipBox has two different versions- a regular box ($19), and a multicat box ($29). The box contains toys and treats. According to their site, the last box contained two toys stuffed with AAA grade catnip (quality catnip makes a surprisingly huge difference), treats, a crinkle toy with a bell, and a kicker (the large stuffed animal designed for cats to grab and kick…Miles loves that).

MeowBox- Meowbox has one type of box ($25) but they offer discounts for purchasing 3 or 6 months at a time. Their November box contained three packages of treats, a laser pointer toy, small plush toys, and a “cat dancer” (interactive toy).

PurrBoxes Purrbox offers a one-time only box and a subscription. Their boxes contain toys, treats, catnip and a monthly supply of catgrass which I find intriguing. Sadly, they are only available in the UK.

PetBox Petbox offers a wide variety of boxes ranging from a single item ($9.95) to a 7 to 12 item box ($59.95). They also offer discounts if you purchase a 3-month or annual subscription. Petboxes appear to contain a wide variety of items, but I couldn’t find any example boxes or a breakdown of items. It appears as though you can also select items for your box, or choose a surprise option. I don’t know how specific item selection is since they require an account to get further.

CatLadyBox– Cat Lady has two options: Cat Lady Box ($34.99)- a couple of items for cat-lovers (home decor, jewelry, mugs, etc…) and Crazy Cat Lady ($39.99)- the Cat Lady Box plus a couple items for the cats.


Have you tried a cat subscription box?


2 thoughts on “Cat Subscription Boxes

  1. That’s so cool! I think they’re a great idea, especially since you have a variety of cat likes and dislikes with your clowder. Can’t wait to hear about these in the future!


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