Cat Profiles (Updated): Fred


Name: Fred (Source: Click here)

Alternate Names: Fredrick (when he’s in trouble), Baby Fred, Chicken Wing (an offshoot of his brother’s nickname, a recent addition)

Age: 5

Origin/History: Born in our own home in March 2010 to Mama Meredith. Fred was the largest of the three kittens at birth (he was 6.6 ounces…kittens are usually between 3 and 5 ounces at birth, so he was a big boy!) and he was the first to open his eyes (a few days before the other two, actually).

Favorite Foods/Flavors: Fred has minimal interest in human food, but obsessively pursues anyone with a sandwich (for the deli meet) or with McDonald’s fries (he prefers one to be sticking out the bottom of the box…and it becomes a toy/treat). He like high protein cat foods and enjoys a variety of meat flavors. We often buy an extra bag of a different food that goes in a separate bowl which he primarily eats from. He eats very little, and is therefore the skinniest of the cats.

Special Needs: He is a bit high-strung. We are currently battling his desire to lick off all his fur which we think may be anxiety-driven. Hopefully once he gets used to the new living arrangement it’ll calm down.

Personality: He will get into these moods where he has to be picked up and cradled like baby…and he’ll cry until that happens. He is willing to expend a lot of energy when it is worth it (playing, jumping) but conserves as much as possible for mundane activities. For instance, he often lays down while he is drinking water. When he is ready to nap, he flops down right where he is (regardless of location). His jumps are impressive, and he is very quick and aggressive while playing. He is obsessed with birds. He is very shy when it comes to strangers, but extremely trusting of and affectionate with people he is comfortable with.

Favorite Activities: playing with da bird toy, being held, watching birds on the tv, cuddling, watching birds outside, hiding…you get the idea


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