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My number one way to de-stress? Plan the next trip to my happy place (Disney) using spreadsheets.

So, I had thought I had the dates determined. I had taken the estimated crowd levels for all the days in our potential pool of dates and calculated the average resort-wide crowd level for every configuration we were considering. The lowest crowd levels were chosen.

BUT…then I started planning individual days…we can’t visit the lowest possible park each day because we need to visit all the parks. Don’t the specific park levels matter? Also, my second favorite site for planning WDW Prep School, had slightly different estimates than my number one site, (the Unofficial Guide’s website).

So…I scaled WDWPrep’s levels to match the ones used by touringplans, and averaged the two. I then recalculated the average trip crowd levels for our hypothetical trip. I review the lowest ones and selected ones that worked best day-of-the-week wise. I came up with three potential trip date configurations.

Then, I made a spreadsheet and figured out what parks we’d visit on each day based on our preferences and estimated crowd levels.


After I looked at the average park crowd levels per *our* hypothetical plan, as well as the range we’d experience. I selected configuration #3. And Jimmy agreed. Though it will leave us with a weird 3-days in a row of MK. But we’re okay with that.

My only concern is with the amount of time at Epcot. I want two FULL days, but if the Pats make it to the conference championship we’ll be headed back to the resort early that day. Should I get a park hopper to split an AK day with Epcot? Maybe I could switch an MK day and an Epcot day? Still need to puzzle it out a bit.

Epcot used to be my favorite park, but they keep taking the good rides away (Horizons, Maelstrom), so I’m starting to lean more toward MK and don’t want to lose those three low-crowd MK days.

Obviously, though, I have plenty of time to work this out! Over 200 days!


4 thoughts on “Back to Disney Planning

  1. It’s so fun to see all the work and planning you put into making these decisions =)

    I know you go to Epcot to spend time with Jimmy, but if there’s anything you like to do there that Jimmy doesn’t, he could always go to the ESPN bar at the Boardwalk? Probably not a viable suggestion for you guys, but just thought I should throw it out there.


    • We actually considered the ESPN option, but after inquiring around the forums, it’s apparently *very* crowded during big games like that would be (since it’ll be a conference championship, not just a playoff game). Also, it’ll be one of the most crowded days we are there, in general, with average crowd I’m think it’d be best to avoid.

      I switched around a couple days and have come up with a plan that I am happy with (for now!) that will mean we go to MK on this day instead of Epcot. So, if the Pats make it that far, I’ll have 2.5 MK days, and 2 Epcot days. If they don’t make it, 3 days at MK. Since mornings are more important in MK anyway (for waiting in ride line purposes) I decided this was the best option. We won’t plan on going back to the parks. We’ll just get up early, do the park until 2pm, and then head back to Pop for the evening. If we still have energy after the game, we can walk to AoA, try to watch fireworks down by the lake at Pop, or even go to DtD for dessert and shopping. I’m guessing we’ll probably just go to bed early though, LOL! We could also stay at Pop and do a bit of laundry, or check out the nightly movie.


      • Yeah, we checked it out during a Lightning playoff game (which I think would be MUCH less crowded than a Pats game), and it was pretty darn tight. I’m glad you found a plan that addresses all the issues =D


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